Our Future Depends on Zero.

Our collective impact on our planet’s health and future wellbeing is devastating. We are almost out of time. We know we must act. But where do we start?

We are here to connect you with the right resources to help you on your Path to Zero, whoever you are– builder,  architect, homebuyer or homeowner.

We will share with you how others are moving closer to constructing homes that don’t consume fossil fuels, emit carbon dioxide, drain freshwater supplies or fill landfills and oceans with waste.

Together, we can imagine a future when our buildings pose zero harm to the planet. Start today.

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Zero Energy Home Living

Everyone Deserves to Live in a Zero Energy Home.

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Gateway to Zero

Demystifying the paths to Zero.


Zero Energy Housing Inventory

A detailed inventory of residential projects on the path to Zero Energy in the U.S. and Canada

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