Photo courtesy of Solid Green Systems

2016 Zero Energy Inventory

So how much has ZE homebuilding changed since the sun set on 2015? After our baseline inventory, that was the burning question.

Our process for updating the numbers followed the same basic approach we took in 2015 – only this time we had a much larger “Who’s Who in Residential ZE” database to call upon for information. And those contacts led us to others … and so on. One of the illuminating metrics derived from this project is the growth in our outreach database.

There is a large and rapidly growing ZE community out there across the continent, and a wealth of knowledge and insights embodied in those thousands of individuals and their projects! (Spoiler alert: our agenda for 2017 and forward includes mining that rich vein of data to help further propel the growth in ZE homes. Get in touch if you have ideas about what information might be most valuable.)

The downloadable report contains insights into the industry, what is propelling the 33% growth, and data indicators for what is on the horizon.

TO ZERO AND BEYOND: Zero Energy Residential Buildings Study

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