EEBA & TEAM ZERO Align to Drive Demand for Zero Impact Homes

Push-pull marketing strategy dovetails builder education, consumer demand

Plymouth, MN, July 20, 2020 — The Boards of Directors of the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance (EEBA) and TEAM ZERO have agreed to work together to build a new alliance to move residential construction as rapidly as possible towards a zero-impact future. This agreement will combine the long-established education and training resources of EEBA with TEAM ZERO’s campaigning role as consumer demand builder.

This expanded alliance will combine EEBA’s long-established high-performance homes training and networking groups with TEAM ZERO’s annual zero-energy residential inventory, Gateway to Zero resource hub, and consumer engagement campaign. The two nonprofits are harmonizing their offerings to grow homeowner demand and builder capacity on a parallel track.

“EEBA is delighted that it can broaden its alliance by linking up with TEAM ZERO’s exciting and easy to understand market-changing approach,” said EEBA CEO Aaron Smith. “Our upcoming Virtual High Performance Home Summit will feature an exclusive Paths to ZERO track,” he added.

Frank Baker, TEAM ZERO President, reiterated EEBA’s excitement. “We are working with EEBA to plan a one-stop membership and sponsorship approach for all who are on a path to zero,” he explained. “Together, we will offer convincing Zero Impact Future value propositions to all stakeholders, including developers, builders, architects, building scientists, manufacturers, municipalities and–most important of all–homebuyers.”

For more information, visit and Members of the press and interested sponsors may contact, Aaron Smith at (612) 325-5719 or email at or Mary MacLeod-Jones at (207) 712-5606 or email at

About EEBA — Since 1982, the Energy & Environmental Building Alliance has been a leader in the education of innovators and early adopters in the home building industry. Today, EEBA continues to drive market transformation with strong partnerships that allow our members and community to learn, share, and collaborate. We are committed to a future that is more resource-efficient, promotes health and wellness and resilience, and honors equity and diversity.

About TEAM ZERO — Net Zero Energy Coalition dba TEAM ZERO is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit corporation representing many individuals and organizations working towards a future where homes and buildings have zero negative impacts on the planet. We believe that our collective future is zero carbon, and we can get there faster and more effectively by working as a team.




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