About Team Zero

Our vision is to make the built environment a positive asset on the carbon balance sheet of the planet.

Team Zero envisions a future where buildings and homes have zero negative impacts on the planet while replenishing and nurturing ecological and occupant well-being.
Our goal is a Zero Energy, Zero Carbon, Zero Health Impact future.



Helps homeowners, builders, and industry professionals work towards a Zero Energy future.  

Provides vital education and resources for everyone to learn about energy efficient homes and sustainable building practices. 

Recognizes that a Zero Energy future relies on making resources and education accessible to all sectors of society. 

Believes in the rapid adoption of Zero Energy and Zero Carbon solutions. 

Values job creation, accessible resources, collaboration, and innovation. 

TEAM ZERO is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable and educational organization. We were formerly known as the Net Zero Energy Coalition. Our funding comes through contributions from sponsors, membership fees, grants, donations and contracts.