About Us

Our vision is to make the built environment a positive asset on the carbon balance sheet of the planet.

Net Zero Energy Coalition is now TEAM ZERO

We are excited to announce that after nearly a year of discussion, Net Zero Energy Coalition (NZEC) and several other not-for-profits, industry players and related associations have decided to form an umbrella organization. The new group is TEAM ZERO.

The consultative process included groups involved in zero energy and zero carbon, new and retrofit, construction. They focused their attention on a pressing problem.  Many different programs, initiatives, and codes are promoting different pathways towards zero energy and zero carbon, but there is no unified message. Each has its own value proposition.

Participants in a Zero Think Tank, organized by NZEC and held last April at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, arrived willing to acknowledge their differences. They were also prepared to ask themselves whether they could arrive at their zero-related ambitions faster and more effectively by co-ordinating activities and sharing resources. The answer was yes.

Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect at the US Department of Energy said “We are at a critical juncture where ‘zero’ can establish a consistent and strong brand promise. Zero influencers should get together to start defining a common agenda that serves their diverse interests. They can build common value propositions for buyers, designers and builders. That could lead to a national consumer awareness campaign built on the work started with DOE and major industry and not-profit players.”

NZEC is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable and educational organization. Its funding comes through contributions from sponsors, membership fees, grants, donations and contracts. It has been a long-standing champion of stakeholders in the mission to accelerate market adoption of zero energy building. Its Board includes representatives from the construction, architecture, building science, regulatory, association management, marketing and media sectors. 

The new group will legally be known as Net Zero Energy Coalition, Inc., doing business as TEAM ZERO. From now on TEAM ZERO will be our public face and will symbolize our cooperative effort.

Key TEAM ZERO initiatives agreed to at the Zero Think Tank include developing a new brand infrastructure, launching a broad industry-led national consumer awareness campaign, and helping Getting to Zero, the fast-growing and highly successful forum organized by New Buildings Institute, to become the must-go event in the world of zero.

To finance and support these ambitious initiatives, TEAM ZERO will conduct a major membership and sponsorship drive in the coming months. 


  • Rapid adoption of zero energy and zero carbon solutions in the built environment is imperative for economic, environmental and societal security.
  • Cost savings, improved building performance, and increased asset value will provide attractive economic benefits compared with standard homes and buildings.
  • Improved health, occupant performance and comfort will create demand for zero homes and buildings.
  • Job creation, economic growth, cleaner air, and less dependence on imported energy will provide societal benefits.
  • Working together we can more effectively influence the market place than by acting separately.
  • Our future is ZERO and we can get there faster and more effectively by working as a team..
  • We will get to ZERO by applying the principles of Collective Impact*.


  • Collaboration. Engaging with, networking with, and creating a unified voice for, multiple stakeholders in support of collective initiatives to accomplish more and faster, than can be done by individual organizations on their own.
  • Leadership. Coalescing the strategic direction, creating a practical roadmap, and inspiring collective action by members, allies, and sponsors to fulfill the TEAM ZERO mission.
  • Innovation. Sharing advances from industry leaders and technical experts with builders and designers and other stakeholders to catalyze industry transformation.
  • Equity. Recognizing that the success of zero energy and zero carbon homes and buildings depends on making them affordable and available to all sectors of society.
  • Education. Identifying, enhancing and effectively sharing the most vital ‘Path to Zero’ information, using the most effective marketing and communications tools, to educate and inspire all in the value chain to take action in the most appropriate way.
  • Impact. Harnessing the power of like-minded people to mobilize massive change. Through collaboration, leadership, innovation, equity, and education, TEAM ZERO will play a key role in making zero energy and zero carbon buildings the new normal.
  • Verification. By means of an annual inventory of new zero energy home construction, along with NBI’s annual inventory of zero energy commercial buildings, TEAM ZERO will verify progress toward our common goal.
  • Motivation. By applying state of the art marketing approaches, and bringing together the marketing resources of members and their consultants in a national campaign, TEAM ZERO will motivate all players in the value chain to design, build, sell, and buy zero energy homes and buildings.


If you or your organization is in agreement with the TEAM ZERO mission, please join us here. And if you are in a position to become a TEAM ZERO Sponsor, please sign up here.

“Collective Impact Initiatives are long-term commitments by a group of important actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem. Their actions are supported by a shared measurement system, mutually reinforcing activities, and on-going communication, and are staffed by an independent backbone organization.”

Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2011