Zero Energy Homes Showcase

While net zero homes are the homes of the future, they can look like any home and are often hiding in plain sight in neighborhoods all around the U.S. and Canada. Architectural styles run the gamut from modern to craftsman to renovated farmhouses and more. Browse the showcase below to learn about the kinds of affordable, healthy, zero energy, zero energy ready or positive energy home you can live in.

Cave Residence

Hadley, MA

New Construction

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Midtown Passive House

Denver, CO

New Construction, Zero Energy Ready

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Up Hill House

Cambridge, NY

New Construction

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Our Partners Zero Energy Home Case Studies

Many of our partners have their own showcases of zero energy and zero energy ready homes. Check them out.

  1. NESEA
  2. Getting to Zero Forum single family
  3. Getting to Zero Forum multi-family
  4. DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Tour of Zero
  5. The International Living Future Institute’s Living Building Challenge
  6. Passive House